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Nine Inch Nails in pornography row


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NINE INCH NAILS in pornography row

NINE INCII NAILS have been involved in two rows concerning allegedly “pornographic“ images in the past week. The video mode for NIN‘s single “Sin“, scheduled for release at the end of October, has been banned by Island Records because management at the company - who have recently been the subject of legal action over NWA‘s allegedly “obscene“ “Efil4Zaggin“ album - feared that the video‘s sexually explicit imagery might prompt similar action. Island have consequently refused to release the master copy of the Nine Inch Nails video from their store room.

A spokesman for the band told the Maker: “Island‘s legal department has said it can‘t possibly leave the building, because they‘d be prosecuted for obscenity if it did. The main thing that people objected to was scenes of genital piercing. They were also worried about a scene where first you see two gay guys petting and then, although you don‘t see what happens in between, you see them smearing their own blood over each other. There‘s also scenes of Trent Reznor in a thing called an oscillator, which is a kind of sphere where you have your limbs fixed at the four points of the compass and you can be spun around. Trent is seen in one of those being flagellated by a dominatrix. There‘s lots of other stuff as well. You name it, it‘s in the video!

“Trent has been asked to remake it with some of the most offensive things cut out, and with some live footage spliced in. But Trent has flatly refused to do that. He thinks it‘s really hypocritical that the company which put out that video ‘Dick‘, which featured hundreds of dicks, should object to his video.“

Meanwhile, Nine Inch Nails were arrested in Bavaria, Germany, after replacing tapestries hung at their hotel with pornographic pictures token from a magazine entitled “Pissy Girls“. The band spent a night in police cells and were subsequently presented with a bill for £ 2.000 for the damage.