Jahr 1992

Melody Maker

14. November 1992

Trent Rents Manson Slaughter House

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Trent Reznor is to record the next Nine Inch Nails album in the house where Charles Manson‘s followers slayed actress Sharon Tate and four others in 1969, The Maker can exclusively reveal.

Reznor wanted to rent a house in which to record the next album, tentatively titled “Downward Spiral“. Initially, he began looking at properties in New Orleans, while recording the “Broken“ album. However, he was scuppered due to local laws concerning residential properties being used for commercial purposes. On receiving a phone call from proper agents in Los Angeles, he viewed the Tate house unaware of its history. The outside appearance of the house and even its road name was changed from Cielo Drive many years ago. Reznor told The Maker:

“I went there for a day and saw about 10 houses. All of which were expensive but would have worked. One of those houses was the Sharon Tate house which we didn‘t know, cos obviously they don‘t tell you that, but it was the coolest one - five minutes from LA, up on a hill, totally isolated, above the smog with a beautiful view of the sea and the city. We decided to take it. That night, the booking agent we were staying with, said, ‘Hey, isn‘t the Sharon Tate house up there?‘ And he got out this book to check. I said it couldn‘t be because it‘s a different address. But he showed me a picture of the loft with the ladder going up and I realised I‘d been standing there that day looking up into the loft. It was like, ‘Holy F***‘.‘ Everyone was going, ‘Oh, man, you‘ve got to live there now!‘ But we went back to New Orleans still intending to buy the place there, but we found Anna Rice had just bought it for her f***ing aunt. So at that moment I said, ‘F*** it, tell them we‘re going to LA, we’re gonna rent the house.‘

“The day after we took the house, I drove up there with Chris the drummer. We got there at night, and it was the first time I‘d been there knowing what it was and it was incredibly frightening. There‘s a weird vibe, but it‘s not oppressive or uncomfortable. You‘re constantly aware of what happened, but you kind of get numb to it after a couple of weeks. The only real problem is security.

“I didn‘t realise how active all this was on people‘s minds in LA. Even 20 years later, people are still coming up to the house and peeking through the gate. Still, if you wanted to have a party you‘d have no trouble filling the place!”

Reznor plans to stay in the house until next March, by which time work on the LP should be complete. “I don‘t wanna make a record that sounds like the last one,“ he said. “Mainly the idea of getting a house was to expand the idea of NIN into something more than just a computer and me – something where we could bring in other people to try things out.” The album is scheduled for a Summer release on Island and Reznor is promising that the band will be touring the UK to coincide with its release.