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Nails Man Gets His Claws Out


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NINE INCH NAILS‘ TRENT REZNOR has launched a thinly-veiled attack on former friends Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson an a track called ‘Starfuckers, Inc‘ on his new album, ‘The Fragile‘.

Reznor, who once went out with Hole singer Love, appears to attack her in the first verse where his lyric says: “My god comes in a wrapper of Cellophane/My god pouts on the cover of the magazine/My god‘s a shallow little bitch trying to make the scene“.

The words are believed to refer to photos of Love in US magazine Vanity Fair where she was pictured smoking while pregnant (the cigarette was later airbrushed out) and where, in the accompanying interview, she alluded to heroin use.

Elsewhere in the song, Reznor seems pillorying Manson, a former close friend, when he sings: “All our pain/How did we ever get by without you?/You‘re so vain/I bet you think this song is about you/Don‘t you?“ — a lyrical lift from Carly Simon‘s ‘70s hit, ‘You‘re So Vain‘.

A spokesperson at Reznor‘s record label Island said: “He (Reznor) won‘t say who it‘s about. He says it‘s who you want it to be about, but people have certainly been speculating that it‘s Courtney and Manson. I couldn‘t possibly comment!“

Only last week, Reznor said he had been left “fucked up“ by his friendship with — Manson and had almost quit the music business following his production stint on the Manson album ‘Antichrist Superstar‘.

He said: “(Manson) said some very malicious things which cross a line of what is decent. That friendship was a big fuck-up for me.“

Courtney Love also comes in for criticism from lead  Foo Fighter Dave Grohl on a track from his new album, ‘There Is Nothing Left To Lose‘.

Appearing on Mary-Anne Hobbs‘ Radio 1 show last week, Grohl said that lyrics in the song ‘Stacked Actors‘ did refer to Courtney. The song features the lyric: “God bless what a sensitive mess/Yeah but things aren ‘t always as they seem/See through you but what can you do when you‘re dressed like an ageing drag queen“.

Meanwhile, NIN, who saw their album ‘The Fragile‘ go into the Top Ten after its release last week, play London Brixton Academy on November 29.