Jahr 2000

Danke, Nils!


Dezember 2000

My Year - Trent Reznor


Text: Jason Arnopp

Fotos: Scarlet Page


2000: How was it for you?

“The ups included the feeling of walking onstage knowing that we were going to give people a good show. The downs included the deterioration of our relationship with our record label Interscope/Universal. I recognised how different the music scene has become, especially in America. There tends to be fewer people in this business who care about music, and many more who care about chart positions and bank accounts. It‘s hard trying to make art in a business based purely on numbers. I still think ‘The Fragile‘ is the best album we‘ve made, but all people could talk about was how quickly it dropped out of the Number One spot in the charts.“

Album of the year?

 “Today, I‘ll say Radiohead‘s ‘Kid A‘. I never gave them a fair chance before, through jealousy or whatever. I didn‘t like ‘Creep‘ and wrote them off as a slacker band. But this album was inspiring because it was daring to put it out.“

Film of the year?

I just saw ‘Best In Show‘, by the same people who made ‘This Is Spinal Tap‘. As a comedy, it‘s fantastic. Keep an eye out for it in a couple of years, when you people get it.“

Person of the year?

“Tough one. I don‘t like people.“

Wanker of the year?

“Where do YOU Start? We‘ll say Fred Durst, once again. He‘s like a Supreme Court judge: he‘s in there for life, until he opts to retire.“

Tragedy of the year?

“I was stunned by the incompetence of the US election process. At least, it managed the impossible by making politics somewhat exciting. I think the American public finally realised that the President doesn‘t really do any thing. He‘s so pushed into a corner by lobby-ists and paim-greasing.“

Personal high point of the year?

“Playing shows. This time on tour we were a lot more sober, so I remember more of what happened. Whereas, on ‘The Downward Spiral‘ tour, we were f**ed-up that everything seemed great.“

Personal low point of the year?

“Sometimes my mental stability can be a bit on the delicate side. When we finally finished the tour, there were a lot of things I didn‘t really want to address. I pretty much stopped my life to do Nine Inch Nails. As long as I‘m working on stuff, I don‘t have to deal with the fact that I don‘t have a life or a girl friend. I get rewards from working and it sustains me. But when the momentum stopped and I came back to the house. I Sank into a pretty deep depression.“

Who have you fought this year?

“Fred Durst, I guess which is comical now. I don‘t even get how his ‘...Hot Dog‘ is supposed to be a diss on me. Maybe I‘m not smart enough to figure it out. I think Fred‘s above us. In a few years, we‘ll go back and listen to ‘...Hot Dog‘ and it‘ll make more sense. I‘m so out of touch, I‘m still wearing my baseball caps forward.“

The must-have item of 2000 was?

“Being a video game fan, I‘d have to say the PlayStation 2. It‘s a good way to waste time.“

Where did you go on holiday this year?

“Ha ha ha! Next! Holidays are for normal people with jobs.“

Worst hangover of the year?

“Australia. The whole Big Day Out tour involved one long, continuous hangover.“

Weirdest fan request of the year?

“The latest trend is me receiving letters at my house, inviting me to high school dances. The other day, there was a whole rash of requests for my band to play at proms, or somebody‘s birthday party. They say stuff like, ‘It‘ll be fun: we‘ve got a keg‘. Maybe we should go, then just not leave.“

Most famous person you met this year?

“I met one of my favourite authors, Chuck Palahniuk who wrote ‘Fight Club‘. I heard he listened to ‘The Downward Spiral‘ over and over as he wrote the book. I also made friends with Daryl Hannah, so that was nice. Don‘t read anything into that. I mean. I’am, but...“

My most embarrassing moment of the year was...

“There are too many to sort through. I embarrass myself on a regular basis.“

Sexiest person you met this year was?

I got a fax from Sade, if that counts. Our song ‘The Great Below‘ was written with her voice in mind, but she chose to go with George Michael instead. Still, the fax is now framed.“

Best band you saw this year?

“Roni Size & Reprazent. They were playing at Roskilde, and it was an escape from the torturous sounds of Iron Maiden on another stage. Also, The The played a New Orleans club and they were f**king good.“

Best song you wrote this year?


Joke of the year?

“I like hearing them, but I can never remember what they are. Limp Bizkit‘s record was pretty funny.“

‘Big Brother‘: ace or arse?

 “I‘ve never seen it. I‘m into the idea of voyeurism, but I haven‘t seen it executed well enough yet.“

What should Slipknot do next year?

“I don‘t know much about Slipknot, apart from the fact that they hate Limp Bizkit. So they‘re okay with me. Let‘s keep the faith.“

Personal motto of the year?

“‘The way out is through‘. I always skirt issues and hope they‘ll go way. But I‘ve realised you have to deal with situations head-on. Quit hiding and be a man.“

If I could change one thing about 2000, it would be...

“I was hoping for some kind of catastrophe around about midnight on New Year‘s Eve. I had flashlights, bottled water and a shotgun to kill the neighbours so I could steal all their canned goods. All I wanted was a little chaos, but there wasn‘t a f**kin‘ thing, apart from rock music getting worse.“

What would you do with Britney Spears?

“I‘d like to see how small a Tupperware container I could fit her dismembered body into.“

My ideal Christmas present is...

“Peace and love throughout the world. Why can‘t we all just get along?“

How will you be seeing in the New Year?

“No matter what I do, I end up feeling like everyone else is doing the fun thing. Last year I went to New Mexico, to the site where Sonny Bono (Cher‘s musical partner in the ‘60s — Prehistoric Music Ed) met his unfortunate fate on a tree in that skiing accident. I just like to hang out where famous people died — no, it was nothing like that. This year, I think I‘m gonna keep it fairly low key.“

In 2001, intend to..,

“Get new music out that will change the world.“