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Juli 2000


This Is Just Brutal


  Autor: Ben Mitchell?



Trent Reznor‘s new video sees him making up with old adversary Marilyn Manson. And making enemies with pretty much everyone else.

Nine Inch Nail‘s Trent Reznor has lambasted some of rock‘s biggest Stars in the video for new single Starfuckers Inc. The hostile clip cruelly lampoons, among others, Michael Stipe, Courtney Love and Billy Corgan for being empty celebrities. “My God is a shallow little bitch“, run the lyrics, “trying to make a scene‘

Co-starring Marilyn Manson, the promo sees Reznor visit a desert fair-ground where he pays a one-armed huckster to smash plates painted with Stipe‘s face, along with the head of a large, bald dummy clad in Corgan’s trademark “zero“ t—shirt. Images of Mariah Carey, Garth Brooks and Gene Simmons also feature prominently although the worst of Reznor‘s bile is reserved for Courtney Love, with whom he has a long history of animosity. She‘s depicted as a weighty haggard Ugly Sister, fellating an Oscar while dangling above a Dunk Tank emblazoned with the word “waste“.

The often deliberately obtuse Reznor also smashes images of himself and Manson, whose last album, Mechanical Animals, he drops into a toilet. The pair have now re-united after their recent falling out, with the new relationship cemented by Manson‘s appearance on-stage with Nine Inch Nails at Madison Square Garden, New York on 9 May.

However, Reznor has been forced to re-title the track, which will only be released in America, re-naming it Starsuckers Inc. and changing the lyrics accordingly. However, there was no question of curtailing the content of its video. “(Marilyn) Manson said it best;‘ explained Reznor discussing the segment. “There‘s mean and then this is just brutal.“

Edited by Ben Mitchell. Compiled by Gareth Grundy