Jahr 2008



Rolling Stone


3. April 2008


NIN Score With Web Release


  Text: Dennis O'Regan



When Radiohead released In Rainbows online last October, it sparked speculation about the profitability of the experiment. (The band did not release sales figures.) Now, Nine Inch Nails‘ Trent Reznor - who left Interscope last year - has released Ghosts I-IV, a thirty-six-track instrumental album, on his Website. In the first week after their March 2nd release, the set‘s five versions - from a free download of nine songs to a $300 limited-edition vinyl package - took in $1,619.420. “This is an important case study,“ says Eric Garland, CEO of Webmedia consultants Big Champagne. “It demonstrates that this distribution method works.“ Adds Reznor‘s manager Jim Guerinot, “Trent wanted to give fans the kind of experience they wanted.‘