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 Access, 07. Mai 2004

question submitted by harris:

i‘ve never run across my interviews about “still“. It’s a wonderful album by the way, one of my favorites of yours. how much of the material was prepaired specificly for still, and how much was out takes from the fragile (or even the downward spiral - the persistence of loss does bare some resemblance to “at the heart of it all”)?


response from trent:

still was kind of an anomaly, but is probably my favorite thing of mine at the moment. i had written some themes for mark romanek’s one hour photo that they didn‘t like. i did, however, and some of them evolved into still. i wanted a “rainy day” counterpoint to the bombast of aatchb. i was very sick though the recording of that and it conjures up some volatile memories.

question submitted by jake nichols:

what is the biggest obstacle in writing new material?


response from trent:

the biggest obstacle is my own head. it gets in the way of creativity sometimes. i can convince myself i am worthless and have nothing to say or offer and it becomes easier to avoid writing than face that up close

once i begin the process, lots of things come out (usually)

question submitted by chis:

let’s talk about old stuff. i would love to have a first— generation copy of the broken movie, it is still one of the most disturbing and effective films i have seen in a long time. was it always your plan to make something that you couldn‘t release? or do you think it might actually surface? let‘s stick it on that closure dvd you’re thinking about putting out.


response from trent:

i just watched it the other day. that came from an idea peter christopherson and i had as a way to link the tracks of broken together visually. we didn‘t know it would look so real. at the time, we felt releasing it would cause an uproar of attentions that would overshadow what i was trying to do musically.

so... i gave a couple of copies to people i knew, each specifically labeled with dropouts at various times so i could identity whose copy might possibly surface. thank you gibby!

you never know where it might show up...

question submitted by derek dumais:

have you ever thought about doing a fan club type of section on your website, like david bowie and tool have done? something featuring exclusive merchandise, downloads, interviews, ticket presales and such.


response from trent:

we‘re working on it.

question submitted by LS:


i‘ve recently viewed marilyn manson’s (brian warner) limited edition golden age of grotesque bonus DVD and it appears to be his most disturbing piece of work yet. have you viewed this short film and if you have what are your thoughts on it?


response from trent:


question submitted by edward ballantyne:

what drove you to leave the new album devoid of instrumentals?


response from trent:

the dedicated instrumentall side of nine inch nails may be evolving into its own thing. i’m not sure yet. i‘m seeing what develops naturally before i commit. stay tuned.

question submitted by 222:

have you considered either remixing any existing material, or creating new material specifically for a 5.1 channel mix?


response from trent:

i‘d like to take a limited chunk of time — two weeks or so — and make a track a day designed and created specifically for 5.1. doing the surround work for aatchb was interesting initially, but ultimately a bore to work on — because you were trying to make it sound like you were in the audience. it. was recreating a “real” environment and that limited ideas. making some music that treats the medium as a new way to present sound, that would be interesting — i think.

questions submitted by ke5:

i’m Japanese. and english not speaking (a little) but i’m can a little read english (i use the english dictionary).

if mistake this sentence …. sorry.

questions ok?

question, 1

i cant watching nin.com…i can watch on top… now to. it‘s only me? or all?]


response from trent: of course.


question, 2

[and nin come japan again?]


response from trent: of course.


i watched live 2000 1/10 tokyo..i waited l0 years.

i’m 24.

i was glad at that time.


response from trent: i was too!


i‘m like (the fragile). i… this listen… felt your soul rock spirit and your passion.

if mistake this sentence… sorry.


response from trent: i could use a hug.

question submitted by adam willis:

after that little blurb on your website about ‘the lathe of heaven‘, i read ursula k. leguins book of the same title. is there a connection between ideas in that book and the new album?


response from trent: not directly, but yes.

question submitted by eric:

do you ever yourself doing a small club tour again — or are the logistics of that just too difficult now?


response from trent:

i would love to. i’ve always loved playing in clubs more than anywhere else.

question submitted by travis:

what’s up with nothing records? there hasn’t been anything released in a long time. i know you’ve changed management; is that why the label has been dormant? what will happen to 12 rounds and coil? sorry for the tough questions, everyone is just excited to talk to you, trent.


response from trent:

i am not _________________________________________ anymore. i have no particular interest in _________________ at this point in my life, just making music. last year was a shitty year — i worked on a great record with 12__________________never come out, worked on _____________________ had promise but got derailed for a number of maddening reasons, lost a frie_____________ with _________ and ended an un________________

but, it’s a new day and i’ve never felt more free, creative or motivated than i do now.


(Ein User von ets hat sich mal dran versucht, das ganze zu enträtseln:


I am not seriously involved with nothing records anymore. I have no particular interest in being involved with a record label at this point in my life, just making music. last year was a shitty year - i worked on a great record with 12 Rounds that will probably never come out, worked on some interesting material with Zach that had promise but got derailed for a number of maddening reasons, lost a friendship and a relationship with ________ and ended an unhealthy relationship with my manager.)

question submitted by d_75:

where’s leo?


response from trent:

leo is everywhere. look and you will find.

question submitted by philly c:

the music industry right now is just that — an industry. to be honest, i dislike just about everything that. is popular in rock right now. over the years, nin has always seemed to stand out and break new ground. if musicians would have half of the dedication and feeling that you and everyone else that has been involved with. nin over years has for music. rock would be in a much better state. are you looking forward to getting out there and shaking things up?


response from trent:

more than i can say.

and thanks.