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 Access, 08. Mai 2004

question submitted by trent:

what’s going on with tapeworm?


response from trent:

tapeworm is dead for the foreseeable future. let me try to explain as honest as possible.


tapeworm wound up being about maynard, danny atticus and me working collaboratively together. i provided some music i’d been working on as a starting point and we began. atticus and i would work on music, maynard and danny would show up when maynard could around tool’s tour. we worked on a number of tracks and bad josh freese play drums.


eventually however, things got in the way. managers, lawyers, record companies, APC needs and frankly my own enthusiasm for the material came into play to work against the project seeing the light of day. the bottom line is this: if the music had been great, all. of this probably could have been worked out.


maynard is a dear friend and a great singer and writer. i’m sure we will work together in some capacity but the planets were not aligned for that project. my apologies for getting people excited about it — but i was, too.