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 Access, 12. Mai 2004

question submitted by lilly:

a lot of news articles have been labeling your upcoming album “bleed through“ (2 words) but i believe you have always refered to it as bleedthrough (l word). is there a definitive way which it should be spelled? can you set the record straight on this once and for all?


response from trent:

i haven’t yet decided. a hyphen is always an option as well!

question submitted by mike:

do you ever doubt your relevance as an artist in the current entertainment industry? putting so much of yourself into something, into a medium that so many others have trivialized in various ways, with the result being something that the vast majority of people won’t have the attention span necessary to even begin to comprehend, how do you find the motivation to persevere?


response from trent:

a good question. it would be impossible for me not to question my relevance in commercial terms in light of what is considered fashionable these days. the key for me, i believe, is to remember why i do what i do. as an artist having commercial success simply changes things — that’s just the way it is and anybody who claims differently is lying. i feel fortunate to have become successful doing this and i enjoy most of the benefits, but i do this because this is what i do. i have always known this is what i’m on this planet for and i would be doing it (expressing myself through music) in one form or another regardless.


it is disheartening to see the entertainment industry became so much about style over substance. when i see the endless plethora of bands on mtv that look and sound interchangeably alike i have to question whether music and the public’s taste are getting worse, or i’m just getting older and that’s what happens. or both.


oh yeah. back to the question, i “persevere“ because i love what i do.

submitted by billy bob thornton:

you hurt my feelings.


response from trent:

i’m sorry billy-bob, that was wrong of me. i do think you‘re a great actor.

question submitted by alison:

it seems like you have been doing a lot of recording out in la. why the move out there? how much of the recording have you been doing there and how much have you done in new orleans? are there different parts of recording that better suit each location? thank you!


response from trent:

writing in la — change of pace. recording / mixing in new orleans.

question submitted by beau:

it’s said we are our own worst critics. of the material you‘ve released, is there anything you look back at and say “jeez, what was i thinking…?”


response from trent:

everything i’ve done has been the best work i could do as the person i was at the time. sometimes that person wasn’t able to do his best work. there’s a story i sure you’ll get to hear

eventually. not right now.

question submitted  by claytown:

i know you’re a big bowie fan, so i was wondering what you fav album of his is.


response from trent:

changes with the weather. usually hunky dory, scary monsters or low.

question submitted by bj:

what do you do to prepare your voice before concerts and recordings? do you do anything different now than you did say 10 years ago


response from trent:

i used to lubricate my voice in tequila, now i don’t.

question submitted by brad marshall:

in the first photo in the current section, i noticed that you have a cute little casio sk-l situated on top of your nord lead. i too own an sk-1, but yours appears to have undergone an  interesting modification. was this your own skilled handiwork?


response from trent:


response from trent:

bands i’ve seen at one time or another in their career that have really blown me away (that i can recall off the top of my head)…


janes addiction


the polyphonic spree





the cure

david bowie

the cult

roni size

marilyn manson (long ago)

question submitted by christopher jon:

given the extensive use of modular synth experiments captured live in the studio how do you plan on reinterpreting the new material on tour?


response from trent:

i do not know as of yet.

submitted by anonemous:

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response from trent:

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