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 Access, 22. Mai 2004

question submitted by venus:

with these lawsuits we’ve been hearing about affect the release of the new record?


response from trent:

absolutely not. all of that shit is just business and money. and greed. and fuck it.

question submitted by lauren & mavis:

my best friend and i are “fragile” addicts, and have, on our ipods, the complete fragile with all 3 b-sides in their original homes, (not including the extended version of ‘please‘ being it wasn’t released on cd) and it is such an amazing listen. we had this ‘music fans wet dream’ kind of idea that maybe someday you’d be inclined to do a one-time live concert of the fragile in its entirety, since it is such a introspecitve, stand-alone  body of work which, despite a lack of commercial appeal, so many fans love & appreciate & submerse themselves in with fervor & complete enamoration. what is the chance that you’d consider doing something like that someday?


response from trent:

it would be fun to do, but unlikely.



oh, and to all those reviewers who say the fragile would have been better as one disk can suck our bloody cunts and sod off.

response from trent:

well said!



much respect,


-laureen & mavis

question submitted by pablo:

trent please will you ever come to south America?  we have been waiting for so long!


response from trent:

yes. i’ve always wanted to but have had the wrong team around me. Next tour you can count on it.

question submitted by the dark:

so you were bitching about artists putting their music in commercials and you have done it yourself. what’s up with that, hypocrite?


response from trent:

fair enough. in all honesty. i’d forgotten about these - but that doesnt excuse them. here are some excuses, though: the levi’s commercial was approved by me — i liked the commercial and it was a fairly unrecognizable remix i didn’t do that they wanted to use. very little money involved, i thought it was well used at the time.


the vodafone one i never saw and there is no excuse other than I didn’t think about it. That was a mistake. i have made a few.

question submitted by empyrealmuse:

 i like this “broken typewriter style.” it reminds me of my family tree, the stuff my grandmother typed up. the illusion of paper and ink lends a feeling of ‘realness“ to the site, it‘s so very comforting and “booky” to me. i love the smudges...i love the smudges. do you know what this is doing to me? i am a book addict... this is a veritable sensory overload. you overwhelm me. you need book link of some kind though... not a book seller either, something else. how many times I used the word “book” in this paragraph? book, book. will you say ‘book“ to me while we’re having sex? mmmm. no. .not really... I actually want you to say “facetious” mmmm. over and over and over and over again. say facetious, say it. say ‘i love you, i think you are pulchritudinous and i am not being facetious,” i could whip you with a cat-o-nine—tails if you think it would help.

just keep it in mind.

might be fun.


i’m feeling playful today.



i’m finished now.

no more posting until next week.


may the force be with you

ways is as it always is

and always was

directing you

and guiding you

toward this very day

when you would find yourself


above it all

seeing true meaning,

the threads of the fabric,

interwoven and endless,

guided by the silent hand

of the invisible repeating plan.

if all the planets aligned for us

would you know enough

to be able to feel it.

would you feel enough

to be able to know it?

there is a greater picture here,

one you have been living in

one you have been conducting

you need never have feared

your cosmic unconsciousness

always knew the way home





response from trent:

um, was that a question?

question submitted by monica:

when you are working on an album, does the workload take over your live? do you hide away and do nothing but work, and ignore other aspects of your life? i find that i am sometimes this way with important projects…. or are you able to balance your work with, say, a healthy social life?


response from trent:

it pretty much takes over. in fact, it does take over — not pretty much – completely.

question submitted by adrian:

what is the process you go through when developing an idea for a music video or even your stage show? is it inspiring working with filmmakers like mark romanek? thank you for your work.


response from trent:

a lot of music i work on (particular during the fragile) starts with a visual place-setting in my head. I’ll think of a physical “set” the music could reside in and it helps me arrange the piece sonically and stylistically. That makes designing the light show pretty easy in terms of what’s appropriate, not necessarily in execution. Music videos are a much more difficult transition. When working with someone like mark, you’re ahead of the game

question submitted by holter:

i am in submarine force, and it wasn’t anything like they told me it would be, and i feel soo overwhelmed, and so tired, and the pressure... i guess all i can ask is what do you do when it feels like your being crushed from all different angles?


response from trent:

i write, play or listen to music. or masturbate.

question submitted by aqua teeeeen:

what are you listening to right now as you answer these questions?


response from trent:

throbbing gristle: mutant tg

question submitted by cixe’:

trent i keep seeing release dates for bleedthrough up on varios website. july 30… august… november…. actual listed dates. are any of these correct??


response from trent:

until you see a release date on this website, assume it’s false.

question submitted by steve:

on many of your older albums you incorporated a lot of samples of sound from movies and other songs and things like that into your own music. i always thought it was interesting to hear bits of sound from a different environment made into your own. i didn’t hear as much of that – at least that i could detect – on the fragile. i’m wondering, were there samples from movies/songs/etc. on the fragile that were just difficult to hear? and, do you continue to use outside sound sources like that on bleedthrough?


response from trent:

i’ve pretty much moved away from that. i think it’s a bit dated, and now you can get in lots of trouble for it if, you don’t clear it with all the greedy corporate assholes out there.

question submitted by ben:

is leo really a homo? i’d give him the benefit of the doubt, but he just always smelled so fresh.


response from trent:

homosexual? unlikely. metrosexual? quite possible.

question submitted by narcischizm:

your creation of noise in the past is one of the biggest reason i got into nin to begin with. is it your desire to continue using such constructive noise (i.e. at the end of mr. self destruct & burn) in further projects or is it something you’ve decided to let go of? i noticed a serious lack of it on the fragile, but believe it didn’t fit with the scheme you set up for yourself at the time.


response from trent:

i think you’ll be pleased with the new material