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 Access, 29. Mai 2004

question submitted by toad:

when you sit down to write songs for a new album...do you think of it as an album as a whole as you write? or do you go one song at a time, letting them fall into their place as an album?


response from trent:

i start with a format or concept for a group of songs and subject matter. then i usual just write songs referring to that and see how they start to align with the concept. things always change along the way.

question submitted by b black:

you got mutant tg? what do you make of the first track ‘persuasion’? i did that under my ‘motor’ moniker. working on full length for mute now. and an electro rock project with felix (da housecat) called ‘xlover’www.xlovsr.net. did i ever tell you that ‘pretty hate machine‘ was the album that inspired me to make music? (and purple rain, a close second) looking forward 2 bleedthrough (1 word i think ;) bryan


response from trent:

excellent work. i look forward to hearing xlover. i like felix‘s stuff too.

question submitted by electric jesus:

hey trent, i really like the vocal style on get down make love. i noticed. you’ve never really gone back into that other than on... burn and your old cover of supernaut (did i bring back any memories?) :d why is that i love how it sounds. perhaps the new album will be more lively in that sense?


reponse from trent:

al jourgensen recorded GDML and supernaut. no plans on working with him at the present.

question submitted by matt_rug:

do you ever create finished material that you feel is just too personal to ever release?


response from trent:


question submitted by ana:

given recent events, and everything that has happened to you in the past, do you find it difficult to trust people?


response from trent:

doesn’t everybody?

question submitted by jen:

is there any possibility of hearing some of the instrumental tracks off ‘still’ played live in the up coming tour?


response from trent:

anything is possible.

question submitted by narcischizm:

do you hope to ever work again with flood or is that chapter in your chapter in your live over?


response from trent:

flood is great and i’d always be open to working with him.

question submitted by starfuck:

did you enjoy courtney loves new album??


response from trent: