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 Access, 13. July 2004

question submitted by teitan:

so what is the state of the new record? who‘s producing it? how far along is it? who’s playing on it and when do you think we can expect it in the stores?


response from trent:

i have a group of twenty tracks that’s being considered for the record. after a lot of thought, i‘ve decided to produce the record myself. why, do you ask? well, i feel very inspired right now and i want this record to be what‘s in my head, for better or worse.


i’m bringing in alan moulder as a sounding board / co—producer / mixer and james brown (not that james brown) for some tracking: atticus ross is my right-hand man and programmer and has been from the start of this record. leo herrera is engineering. rick rubin has been a mentor, source of inspiration and guiding force throughout the process.


there is a much lese refined approach to most of this record and i wrote a lot of the tracks envisioning powerful live drumming: enter dave grohl. working with him has been one of the most inspiring and exciting experiences i‘ve had in the studio. the tracks he’s played on (all fifteen), have come alive in a better-than-i’d-even-hoped-for” type way.


the rest of the music i’m playing myself.


we are tentatively mixing the record in october and tracking, treating and thinking from now until then. That means the record comes out early 2005, and we will tour extensively worldwide to support it.


who’s in the live band? don’t know yet.


meanwhile, we’re releasing two other items this fall. the long-awaited closure dvd will finally see the light of day – with extra content, and the downward spiral deluxe edition – a two disc package remastered, remixed in 5.1 and more. we just finished remixing tds in surround and it really lends itself to the format – you will soon have a new disc to demo your system with!

question submitted by______ (nicht lesbar, siehe Bild):

how is bleedthrough maintaining is brutal edge when is comes to recording? straight to tape, then to digital? use of the distressor? any particular consoles or eq’s that will define the sound of bleedthough? props an the ‘bent‘ sk-1


response from trent:

the new record is sounding a lot rawer and less produced mainly due to the approach, not necessarily the equipment. but since you asked, this time around we’re recording everything digitally using apogee and lavry ADs at 96/24 through primarily vintage neve preamps and the liquid channel. we will mix through the ssl (analog) at nothing studios most likely mix to pro tools 192/24.

question submitted by matt markham:

i’ve  been a fan since first hearing the sin single back in the day. of all the live performances and all the recordings; you have played most all of your songs live at some point, but never the song “last” from broken. any reason?


response from trent:

we almost did that on the last tour, but it didn’t fit in or something. originally i didn’t do it because it was too fucking hard to sing!

question submitted by wes:

i know you released just about every halo on vinyl so far. Do you intend to keep doing this for us vinyl collectors?


response from trent:


question submitted by oqerst!:

trent, what you do think about edited versions? for example wal-mart refuses to sell cds with “explicit“ lyrics and therefore will only sell clean versions. i think “cleaning up or editing albums is violation of the artist‘s original statement. i can understand a radio mix so as to pass fcc regulations, but i think it‘s just greed to clean up a cd and sell a sugar coated edition so as to reach more listeners. what are your thoughts?


response from trent:

fuck edited versions, and fuck wal-mart. you don’t see my records there last I looked because I don’t think there should be an edited version. a side note on good old wal-mart – ever noticed you can buy an r rated dvd filled with profanity, nudity and violence – but across the aisle you can’t buy a cd that says fuck on it? if you’re going to be a moral watch-dog, have some fucking consistency.

question submitted by larry pasley:

why was “still” a limited edition? the songs an that album still have so much meaning to me. i am still in desperate need of getting an official version of that cd. is there any way i can still purchase it? oh and trent, i still love you.


response from trent:

thanks, larry. i don’t know if you can still get still or not. there’s some confusion over at object.com as to the future – yes, this is lawsuit-related nonsense. regardless, still will ultimately be available when this all gets cleared up.

question submitted by erijk:

the stripped down versions of older nin songs were showed the songs in a different light, ware you planning on releasing anything like that again?


response from trent:

i __ not thinking about that right now. but I’m open to the idea.


question submitted by eddie:

my question is reguarding ‘still’ - i really love the way it sounds. it sounds almost like you‘re in the room singing. i was curios if it was just the acoustics of the room that made it sound that way? Or if there is something you altered? Not that I want you to reveal your deep, dark studio secrets or anything… just this once.


response from trent:

we recorded the majority of that in my living room, live.