April 2007


 You know him; he hates everyone


Autor: Lori J. Kennedy



So Trent Reznor's been pumping massive iron, regularly buzzing his formerly long black locks and eschewing hard drugs for smooth protein shakes. But he hasn't lost his dark, brooding intensity. This just means that if you were to question his dedication to all that is aggressive and angry, he'd be in the kind of shape to throw your puny ass through a plate glass window, rip off your arms and then flip you the double bird with your own hands! If anything, Reznor is more energized and pissed off than ever. Want proof? Check out Beside You in Time, a live DVD of the Nine Inch Nails winter 2006 North American With Teeth tour.

BYIT comes in standard, HD and Blu-ray formats. Three of the 19 tracks include alternate camera angles, and bonus features include songs (“Somewhat Damaged,” “Closer,” “Help Me I Am in Hell,” “Non-Entity,” “Only”) from the summer 2006 North American tour, as well as videos (“The Hand That Feeds,” “Only”) and 2005 rehearsal footage (“Love Is Not Enough,” “Every Day Is Exactly the Same,” “The Collector”). Reznor is a serious quality-control freak, and because of that, BYIT is a stunning audio and visual experience. Close your eyes, and the 5.1 surround sound (or 2.0 stereo mix; your choice) transports your sweaty ass into the middle of the oxygen-deprived mosh pit at a NIN show. Open your eyes, and the remarkably crystal-clear video shows every bead of sweat and angry snarl on Reznor's face. Director Rob Sheridan's up-close-and-personal footage of the band really drives home the intensity a live NIN show, which you could see for yourself during the NIN tour following its April 17 release of Year Zero (Interscope).

Lori J. Kennedy