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Nine Inch Nails

Ghosts I-IV




Trent Reznor sneaks out mammoth instrumental collection


WITH NO advance notice, on March 2 Ghosts 1-1V suddenly appeared online in its entirety in various downloadable and purchasable formats. The fervent reaction swiftly crashed the servers. Comprised of 36 essentially nameless instrumentals in four nine-track ‘volumes‘, this 15 the unmistakable work of Trent Reznor, as visionary and contrary as ever.

At 110 minutes, listening to the entire thing in one sitting is a formidable task, but for the devoted it‘s a rewarding one, and the volumes all stand equally on their own merits when experienced separately. In many ways, the music could be viewed as providing soundtracks to films set in the dystopian future that 2007‘s Year Zero depicted, a strong cinematic feel uniting the volumes. The moods encapsulated here draw from an impressively wide palette, from the melancholic warmth of 13 Ghosts II to the Tom Waits-kidnapped-by cyberpunks of 10 Ghosts II, the disco from hell of 24 Ghosts III, the crunching industrial bludgeon of 31 Ghosts IV, or the neo-classical drama of 34 Ghosts IV, Reznor assertively refusing to limit himself.

Inevitably, there are a few tracks less essential than others, and the sheer scale is a little overwhelming, but there are also bona fide classics, as stirring and evocative as anything released under the Nine Inch Nails banner.


DOWMLOAD: 13 Ghosts II, 24 Ghosts III.

FOR FANS OF: Muse, Genghis Tron.


Dan Slessor