Pretty Hate Machine





Lime Lizard


November 1991



Autor: Danny Scott



 Nine Inch Nails

Pretty Hate Machine


Oh, heaven knows Trent Razors miserable now. In fact, heaven knows Trent‘s on the verge of mental meltdown, and he‘s about to find his mind has collapsed in an itself and shut down for the duration. But, we knew that anyway. If Reznor had jumped psyche first into a vat of Biactol he could not have cleansed himself half as thoroughly as he has done with Pretty Hate Machine. As he‘s fond of saying, this LP is a record of his life at the time - thank God we never invited him round for tea. ‘Err, Trent, would you like some more salad?‘ ‘Fuck, man. My life‘s in a mess, why don‘t you shove that cucumber up your ass, scumshit!‘

Had Bob Mould bought a synthesiser when he left Husker Du... For those of you who saw NIN‘s live show may well be surprised or even disappointed by this LP - it is not 40 minutes of Head Like A Hole(remember that this LP was originally released some three years ago; NIN have had considerable opportunity to upgrade and uglify their live sound). Sure, the LP occasionally steps out of the ether and plants its bloody great Doc Maren in your face, but there are times when it sounds like a sadistic Depeche Mode/substandard Front 242: all muscle bound pose-pop. And there are times when it whimpers like a scolded child - powerless and afraid despite its anger.

Reznor is literally scaring himself to death. Someone ought to have a word with him… and soon.

Danny Scott