Year Zero





Alternative Magazine


April/Mai 2007




Autor: Samara Haiba



This 16 track first-half of a concept album is written like a soundtrack to a movie about the near future. It is a highly ambitious offering comparable to “The Fragile”, but this time created in sobriety. First single ‘Survivalism’ hammers key words “revisionism, propaganda, patriotism”, delivering a pounding chorus and angry vocals while ‘The Great Destroyer’ forms a collage of electronica as the chaos of a battlefield unfolds. Later on, Trent chooses to give ‘Another Version of the Truth’ through a peaceful and melancholic piano instrumental.

Lyrically richer, the record is noisy yet danceable (especially ‘Capital G’ which contains a catchy chorus reminiscent of ‘Only’). Filled with rich atmospheres troubled by distortion, ‘Year Zero’ mixes styles from precious opuses while exploring new territories, giving us a taste of the end of the world.

Samara Haiba