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 Spiral Chat vom 02.06.2006



rob_sheridan> Hello everyone, welcome to the chat. If you have already submitted a question, it has been received, PLEASE don't send it again. The band is logging in right now and will begin answering questions shortly.

Sharkdiver: 2.) Trent: Did you have a nice birthday? I hope soÂ…as for my question, How much work have you done with Saul Williams? Just a few songs? Or the majority of the album?

trent_reznor> Saul and I have quite a few tracks we've been working on, so I imagine I will be involved in the majority of the record. Birthday? Ho hum.

Amidala9: Jeordie: will you be wearing eyeliner at all this summer?
jeordie_white> Funny you shoud ask.Im going to get the guys together and have a meeting about this.Once we come to an conclusion,I will get back to you.

Neise: How is the tour going so far?
trent_reznor> Technical problems, rain, abnormal weather conditions... all good!

Sharkdiver: Jeordie: Have you ever pretended to be a Jedi and made light saber noises while swinging around a stick?
jeordie_white> Of course! Rob and I have battles all the time.

jupiterstar: Aaron, what kind of pedals do you use?
aaron_north> all kinds... a lot of the good stuff doesnt come out on tour cos i would be super bummed if they broke or something... but a lot of the stuff i'm currently using live is nothing too super obscure... a lil swollen pickle here and there... z-vex... not really into overdrive or distortion pedals though... the only way to get a good distorted sound without things becoming all lame and compressed, is by turning the amp up fucking loud and gettin rad. distortion pedals are for pussies who are afraid of playing too loud, or dont wanna upset their parents downstairs.

Eriu: (o/b/o Monkey_Pharmacy/) Josh: do you ever fear that your Mohawk will develop mullet tendencies? I am trying not to be weird about it, but mullets scare me.
josh_freese> It's OK to be scared by mullets and the women that love them.

DarkSoul520: Trent, anyword on how that new album is coming along?
trent_reznor> The majority of the music feels pretty done. Working on words and vocals on this tour. I'm coming from a much different head-space this time around and it's showing in the work.

Amidala9: Jeordie: Last song you listened to?
jeordie_white> Are We Not Men?by DEVO

Sharkdiver: Alessandro: Do you ever fear for your life when you are onstage with Trent?
a_cortini> no, however I do fear for my life when i am on the same bus or next to him on a plane.

Sharkdiver: Aaron: How are your fingers healing from your injury from Atlantic City? (I was the one who asked you about that when I saw you in Miami tooÂ…if you remember that)
aaron_north> its getting better every day... a couple of my fingernails look pretty gnarly, but at least it doesnt hurt to play anymore, and i can hold all the chords i need to now. thanks for asking.

KDilello: Alessandro what happened in Rochester (3-9-06)w/ your keyboard? You seemed pretty pissed.
a_cortini> rochester? who? chicken with a cape on?

Josslyn: Trent: Thanks for posting the songs played before/after the shows. Doubtful I would have discovered Brainiac otherwise. Any chance of hearing 10 Miles High live?
trent_reznor> Cool. There's a new batch being played this time around, I'll post them soon. As far as 10 Miles High, we may.

josh_freese> I feel extra happy and gay today!
lovintrent: Trent, did any of the Spiral members suggestions play a factor in the set list for the summer tour?
trent_reznor> Not specifically, but I DO try to keep the set list exciting for the hard-core fans as well as the "typical" fan.

DownWithTeeth: Aaron-How many pairs of black jeans with holes in the knees do you own?
aaron_north> just one dude. and i wear them every night on stage. just like i've had the same hanky in my back pocket for about 6 years... and guess what... i don't ever wash EITHER of them. rock n' roll dude. hygiene is for weenies.

jupiterstar: Alessandro, will you be touring with modwheelmood after the NIN tour is over? And if so, are you coming out to the East coast (pretty please)?
a_cortini> i think we'll be playing shows, yeah.

dloozer: Josh and jeordie, what's the deal with APC, Howerdell says he's gonna end it,is this true?
josh_freese> APC is pretty up in the air right now. Maynard is busy w Tool for the next year and a half so we don't even have to think about it right now. Billy has been making his own record and I've played some drums on it. It sounds pretty cool too. We'll see about APC when Maynard gets home in a few years and wants to kill the guys in Tool.

broadbent: josh, will you be touring with black light burns?
josh_freese> No plans for it right now

fijjit: have any of you got really embarrassing habits like eating your toenails?
a_cortini> i wouldn't call that embarrassing....

Sharkdiver: Trent: Are the pants leather or laminated jeans?!? I have been trying to figure this out since last FallÂ…
trent_reznor> Those are not leather. I have a bunch of pairs of jeans that have been treated with a rubbery material. It fucks them up, makes them waterproof and HOT (as in fucking hot to wear).

KDilello: I love the shaved looked Trent Wink Does the razor get used anywhere else?
trent_reznor> Finally, the question I've been waiting for!

dloozer: Josh, when you play live with NIN, what's the drum setup that you use?
josh_freese> Its a mixture of DW drums (the acoustic drums) and some electronic pads that trigger samples. As well as samples blended in with the live kick and snare. I use Paiste cymbals as well.

fijjit: hey guys, any chance of a europeon tour...we miss you over here!!!
a_cortini> we're all going to italy to play for my parents' anniversary.It's gonna be great.

RezMel: Aaron, you are brilliant! What are your plans after NIN is done touring. Will you take a break for awhile or is there another project under way for you?
aaron_north> i'm always super super busy with buddyhead stuff... putting out a dozen or so records this year on the label... at some point i will no doubt be putting some music together. i'm sure it will bum a lot of people out.

Jumpturn: Trent-- thank you so much for a great Red Rocks experience. I find myself without a voice after screaming and jumping for joy the entire night! This caused me to wonder: how do you maintain your voice/vocal chords during a tour? Do you ever find yourself with a totally shot set of pipes? How do you take care of that? Thanks again for a fucking brilliant Denver performance--
trent_reznor> Thanks- Red Rocks is a really cool venue. As far as the voice, I try to take care of it the best I can, but sometimes it just gives out.

dloozer: Allesandro, when you play live, how many keyboards do you use, and what types, and what effects do you use with them.
a_cortini> 2 controllers, a virus, a sampler and an analogue system French Connection.

chairyJelie: Trent & Jeordie how did it come about that Mr White came to joing NIN.? who cantancted who .?.? Very interested to knoe ...?.?chairyJelie
jeordie_white> Well,I was on my way to get a haircut and I recieved a phone call from an unknown number.When I answered,it was Trent Reznor himself.He said he had moved to LA and was wondering if I would like to join NIN.I said"fuck yeah!" We put our guitars on and rocked out

erin45: Josh, at the Vegas show on 4/1, I thought I saw a mustache and scary black eyebrows on you for a minute during one of the songs... was I hallucinating?
josh_freese> You were not hallucinating. I like to bust out the "scary" mustache and eyebrows time and again. That's part of an ongoing experiment and performance piece that I've been working on for the past 8 years.

DownWithTeeth: Aaron--Do you practice your sweet jumps on off days?
aaron_north> i wish i could say i did. i gotta quit jumping so far out. some of you think me jumping out means: "we are entitled to all of aaron's clothes, his guitar, and whatever else isn't strapped down." not the case. you can massage my balls all you want, but please, don't try to steal my shit.

crowdream9: do you watch anime porn?
a_cortini> i devour it.

josh_freese> Aaron means "don't steal the shit out of his ass"
DownWithTeeth: Ally or Trent --Did you do anything special on your birthday this year?
a_cortini> yes.

shivalingham: Band- FYI I read that Superman III with Richard Pryor is played while on the road. My 3 year old watches it several times a week. He loves the "bad" Superman part when he fights himself at the junkyard. Anyway, saw you guys in Bossier City, LA and I'll see you again in Dallas! Thanks!
jeordie_white> Yeah,Thats true,we love Superman3 with Richard Pryor.Superman3 with Richard Pryor is one of our favorite movies.We watch Superman3 with Richard Pryor alost every day

_Silky_: Josh- Would you like to have a drum off with someone who has never played drums before? If yes, I would be more than happy to do it and I am thoroughly unqualified with the left side of my body, should be interesting. - Consigliere Silky, smackin bitches at your service
josh_freese> Let's have a drum off and the a bitch smack off!

r_weber: Jeordie: Do you feel more apprectiated with NIN, than when you were with MM?
jeordie_white> I don't know I never played for Eminem...

jupiterstar: Aaron, what is you favorite Bob Dylan song?
aaron_north> hmmmmm... lots... "i'll keep it with mine", "gates of eden", "it ain't me babe", "mama you been on my mind"... all of it really. i'm compulsively obsessed with bob dylan.

mistressdestruct: Trent, have you ever considered living in another country? Lots of artists, seem to find the bull shit of this country as a hinderence to their creative and personal life, do you feel the same?
trent_reznor> I think this country is headed wildly in the wrong direction but I'm not running away from it. I am an American and feel I have a responsibility to do my part to try to change things here for the better.

josh_freese> I love Jacob Dylan
josh_freese> One HEadlight!
GoombaJebboMT: Trent first of all I wanna thank you for a great show in Pensacola and I look forward to seeing you guys again in Alabama. I would like to know if you plan on doing any kind of live videoreleased on DVD like you did with All That Could Have Been? This tour has truly been like no other, and I think it easily qualifies for this.
trent_reznor> We are.

DownWithTeeth: Have Josh and Jeordie been having Sharpie fights before shows?
aaron_north> yes... but mostly just sword fights... before and after the shows. off days too. viagra brah.

dmchilln: Al: can you speak REAL Italian?
a_cortini> certo, ma lo parlo raramente.

Yoshata: What's you guys' current videogame addiction?
trent_reznor> New Super Mario DS, Brain Age DS, Geometry Wars 360, Shadow of the Colossus PS2

jeordie_girl: Jeordie: I liked your black dots you had on your face at one of the recent shows. Did you draw thgem on or did someone do them for you - they were in a very neat pattern!
jeordie_white> I did them myself..its getting weird.....

DownWithTeeth: Do you guys like indoor or outdoor venues the best?
a_cortini> apples and oranges.

dmchilln: band: who plays the most video games on the bus?
josh_freese> ANgel Witch

HoppedUpOnTheQ: Aaron: How does it feel to be touring again? Any new tricks that you will show to us?
aaron_north> i always love touring. would never stop if it was up to me. interesting being back in texas... especially san antonio... i'm sure some of the very same people who were throwing cups of piss and quarters at me here 3 years ago, are all gonna be flashing me devil horns and screamin at me to "bring the mosh".

spiral_down89: To Trent: Why do you feel the need to sell out to KROQ? Fucking contest was a nightmare.
trent_reznor> Sorry you feel that way. They promote the show, we do something for them. I had no personal involvement with arranging or content of the contest but I agreed to do it.

Becizzle: Any plans to play The Becoming at any of the shows?....*one of my faves*
a_cortini> maybe...that would be cool.

fijjit: who's the joker in the band??
josh_freese> Simmons: "There were problems with drink and drugs, but I was completely oblivious to it then. I've never been drunk or high in my life. If you're talking about Peter and Ace, you're talking about the kind of personalities that are so peculiar you wouldn't know if they were high or not. Even when he was straight, Ace was unable to walk in a straight line. Also, he naturally talks in a slurred way. He was no different when he was high. He had a strange sense of humor, too. He'd be coming out with stuff like, 'Hey, I fucked an alien last night.' He is, without doubt, the laziest, most self-destructive person I've ever met."

Katsu: Jeordie, what DO you remember about the 90's?
jeordie_white> Not much.93-01 is pretty much a blur.People tell me I had a great time.

NINymph: Trent, do you enjoy hearing us sing along to your songs ('Hurt" in paticular) or is it annoying and distracting at times?
trent_reznor> Singing along is fine, screaming like a lunatic throughout THAT song seems a bit inappropriate to me. Also, throwing shoes hard at our faces is a sure-fire way to insult us.

little_wonder: Hello everyone.Question for the rest of the band minus Trent. I was curious, were any of you fans of NIN before joining the band?
aaron_north> i remember seeing that video where trent kept throwing the microphone down, and thought, "these guys are cooool"

shivalingham: Trent-How do you take care of yourself while touring? Through "Access" I've offered my services as a licensed massage therapist (nothing sexual!). I'll be at the Dallas show on Saturday.
trent_reznor> Are you male or female?

Katsu: Jeordie, other than Fender Precision basses, what other equipment do you use?
jeordie_white> Gibson Les Pauls,Gibson 335,Fender Telecasters,Music Man basses and Fender P's

bijoux_noir: josh- what is your favorite song to play live?
josh_freese> The whole set is pretty fun to play....and I'm not saying that because I just ate dinner....and hufffed liquid paper for 4 mins.

BlossomRazor: Josh, Did you find Alice?
josh_freese> NO! Where the fuck is she?

SerpentinexBLACK: Hey Mr. Cortini, can we expect to get the live version of Delay Lama [from the 3 of Clubs Show] on the ModWheelMood ep? Because the 'is aaron north gay?' remix is quite awesome.
a_cortini> aaron north is gay AND awesome.yes.

HoppedUpOnTheQ: Trent: Read any interesting books lately?
trent_reznor> I enjoy trashy horror and SF novels from time to time. I'm currently re-reading one of my all-time faves... the Christ Clone Trilogy by James BeauSeigneur. Look it up on Amazon.

SerpentinexBLACK: Hey Josh, how did you stint with the Vandals go this past year?
josh_freese> THe Vandals haven't played a whole lot in the last year and the shows that they have done (out of the country mostly) I've been busy w NIN and haven't been able to do. I am playing in LA with them at the beginning of September and later in the year around the Los Angeles vacinity as well

stefweber: hey aaron, how often do you shower? I saw you at Sasquatch and you were pretty skanky.
trent_reznor> Not nearLY often enough.

BlossomRazor: Jeordie, reflecting on Cabazon-Does the rubbing the mic stand on your bass make it sound better?
jeordie_white> It was a guitar not a bass,and yes it makes it sound much much better. You should give it a try sometime

Infected: jeordie - boxers or briefs?
jeordie_white> Boxer Briefs!!!!

mattc_099: Anyone: Thoughts on the new Morrissey album? I serioiusly can't stop listening to it.
josh_freese> I got asked to play drums on it but unfortnately was already busy. I like Morrrissey and I'm pretty sure he just wanted to get me over to Rome so we could Roam around together and get weird.

charlienin: For all: What song would you like to cover live by any artist?
josh_freese> "I'm a Big Bald Dummy" by Billy Corgan

gargoylegurl: What is something a fan could give you that you don't already have?
jeordie_white> New black socks.I like to ware them once and throw them away.They get all froppy

DarkSoul520: Trent, what was the last CD that you bought?
trent_reznor> Liars "Drums Not Dead"

darkned_enlightment: Trent: do you regularly read the boards in here?
trent_reznor> I try not to.

dloozer: Aaron, how do you do it do you go as crazy as you do, and still manage to be one of the best rock guitarists that i have ever heard live? where did you get this from...because i must know
aaron_north> well... not everybody feels the same way you do. to me it's all about soul and feel... not "proper technique" or some scale some music teacher or dork at guitar center would want to show you. i get criticized by some of the "fans" for playing "sloppy" sometimes. fuck yeah it's sloppy sometimes. it's fuckin nine inch nails live dude. if you want to hear some yngwie dork play proper solos wearing his guitar like a violin, go somewhere else. and if you want to hear the songs exactly how they're played on the albums, stay home, put the records on, play the videos on your tv with the mute button on, and shut the fuck up. oh, and if yer bummed cos my backups are slightly out of key some time, yeah no shit... you try running around like a monkey on stage for 2 hours and then being pitch perfect when you can barely even breath... did i just go off too hard? sorry duders.

Neise: What do you guys do to keep yourself energized after working so hard doing show after show??
jeordie_white> We drink"Robert Palmer's":: ice tea and lemonade

josh_freese> He meant "Robin Williams"
ROB9: can i have mansons home phone number?
jeordie_white> Sure!

orestes: There's been a lot of discussion, to say the least, about the new tour lithos. Reason for choosing TDR and changing the look of the lithos?
trent_reznor> Lots of things are going to change. I am deep into the new record and some of these things reflect future directions. I am not about to defend the decision to not repeat ourselves.

darkned_enlightment: Trent: Do you plan on touring after the next album comes out?
trent_reznor> yes

a_cortini> "arnold drummonds" are pretty good too.
crowdream9: will there be more surprises in the set list? any possibilities we might get the perfect drug, we're in this together, last, all the love in the world, or sunspots? maybe supernaut?
aaron_north> POPOZAO

Brandie12: Trent, with all the changes you've made in your life, how do you feel when some still label you "Mr. Self Destuct"?
trent_reznor> It's a part of me.

pragmatica: Jeordie: When was the last time you cried? (question submitted for fakeplastic_love who's waiting in line in San Antonio, looking forward to a great show).
jeordie_white> This morning.......But it was just a soft cry.

dloozer: Trent, how come you have elected to play so few songs of With Teeth on this current leg of the tour. By all means i;m not complaining. The setlists have been phenomenal, i know that some would like to see some more With teeth tracks...along with TDTWA, but then again, who doesn't want to hear that
trent_reznor> At the end of the day, you can't please everybody. We're now doing what we feel is correct and feels good to us.

gargoylegurl: Any opinions on the Tom Petty "Last Dance w/ Mary Jane" vs. The Chili Peppers "Dani California" debate??
aaron_north> Josh won't stop listening to "The Chili Peps" (as he like to call them) on the bus. he just goes onnnn and onnnn about john fruciante being a "rock god" and about how much he thinks "stadium arcadium" is the "record of the year".

trent_reznor> All of the new material you haven't heard yet has been composed in "LIVE". When arrangements are pretty firm, we move over to Pro Tools. Usually music comes first.

dloozer: Josh, as a drummer, how tough was it to learn the NIN catalogue of songs. I practice almost everyday in my basement, and have found some really really tough songs to play to. What do you find is the most difficult song to drum to?
josh_freese> It was more challenging and fun that I thought it would be. It was alot of work and alot of the drum parts are really cool. I get to embellish a little but for the most part I try and stay pretty true to the original parts and kind of have to as well for the sake of the song and the way it should be performed. I had to learn alot of stufff in a short amount of time too so....that was pretty challenging....and fun.

Becizzle: Good to see you happy trent!! I know that's not a question but fuck it!
trent_reznor> Who said I'm happy, fuckface?

missiemay: should i wear my lil black dress or my starfuckers tank with daisy dukes to the june 27th show at blossom?
jeordie_white> Starfucker's tank with the Daisy Dukes.

josh_freese> No tank w Daisy DUkes
viper: Alessandro - Favourite song on Kid A?
a_cortini> "everything in its right place"

BlossomRazor: Trent, congrats on your up and coming 5 year clean date. How does it feel?
trent_reznor> Feels great. The hardest and most important thing I've ever done.

pragmatica: Josh: Do you have any favourite threads on the Spiral message board?
josh_freese> Haven't seen them.

justaglimpse: Aaron how many of your hot red hankerchiefs do you go through on average?? haha...How do you not loose them when you go off and jump in the pit?
aaron_north> tricks of the trade dude. it's the same hanky... i actually lost it the other night... wind blew it out of my pocket and into the audience. a nice fellow on the rail happened to return it to me. it's bad luck to wear different hanky's live... or pants... or shoes... or to wear underwear.

CremeBrulee: Question for Josh: Dear Josh, when will we see that Òcoming soonÓ tag disappear from
josh_freese> ? When I decide to have a dumb-ass website. Trust'll be nice and dumb when it's finally ready.

jodiFL: Al: I am married to an Italian......but it true for men BORN in Italy?
a_cortini> i don't speak your language.

pragmatica: Aaron: Do you have any favourite threads on the Spiral message board?
aaron_north> you know, honestly i dont really go on there... try not to read that stuff too much... i've been accused of "lurking", but if you see my name online, it's probably just my mom or dad or one of my friends or something who i gave my password to.

charlienin: Trent: What was so awful about the Everyday video? Was the picture we saw of you supposedly in ice a real snapshot for the set?
trent_reznor> There's a good chance I will never do a "traditional" video again after that. The artform is pretty much dead and I'm not playing the game anymore. We will utilize the web and completely forego MTV and traditional outlets, as well as record company involvement / permission.

Stigma: Jeordie: If you had to choose between losing a toe, or going swimming with David Hasslehoff, which would you choose?
jeordie_white> Sounds like a Will Farell playing Harry Karry question.I would have to say going swiming with David Hasslehoff

brett_b: does anyone care that im here
jeordie_white> Yes Brett.I care..i really do

NINailhead: For TR - as the GENIUS who IS NIN, how hard is it to find as strong a supporting cast (as you always do) for the tours?
trent_reznor> It's tough to find people that have the right vibe and musicianship, and I am very proud of the guys I have. Couldn't be better.

shamangi: Question for Rob or Alessandro: Like Alexander Woollcot, everything I like is immoral, illegal, or fattening. So... which one are you? Wink
a_cortini> not illegal, luckily, considering the times.

josh_freese> The Potato is a staple that keeps us alive. It is totally unglamorous and underrated. It is also a conductor of electricity. You know that they teach you in science class how to make potato transmitters and potato radio receivers......they have eyes all around!
mightymonny: Jeordie, what do you think about when you're performing?
jeordie_white> A.Cortini

DstntP1lgr1m: Did any of you catch a listen to David Gilmore's new release? Any thoughts on it?
aaron_north> heard some of it and thought it was cool... was stoked when i found out crosby, stills, & nash did some of the backups.

FearFeelScarFYou: Trent are you into the Swans?
trent_reznor> i LOVE the Swans. I saw them in a club in Cleveland, mid-80s and it scared the shit out of me. Truly brutal.

anais_morr: Question for Mr. Freese: Is it true that some where in Los Angeles there is a thing called the "Josh Freese Signal" Do people send you Morse Code or flash some spotlight in the sky when services a great drummer is needed?
josh_freese> You are correct! Use wisely and not misuse. Thank you.

manyon: Will "Chinese Democracy" come out this year?
josh_freese> Don't make me call Axl and ask him...

botleysmith: Alessandro, how much guitar/bass do you play on the newly-added songs?
a_cortini> guitar in Help Me... and bass in Get Down...

SillyPutty: Aaron: My friend's dad has a Hagstrom Swede, and it's pretty damn awesome. I was wondering what your favorite type of Hagstrom guitar is, and which type you would recommend to someone?
aaron_north> i like all of em. different strokes for different folks. when i started the nails gig... i was using a lot more les pauls, but then started playing the "swedes" and thought they played and sounded better, so i switched em all out to swedes... except for the one goldtop early 70's les paul that i still play live on a couple songs.

fuck: Aaron: You spent an _awfully_ long time looking at that girl's passport at Red Rocks before signing it. Be honest, you were seeing if she was legal, right?
aaron_north> hey, "I'M SINGLE, AND I WANNA MINGLE!!!"

taynia: Alrighty!
trent_reznor> Fuck yeah!

haumea: Hello! I have what might seem to be a bit of an odd question, but with what you do for a living you might have perks that are great but there is also a downside in some ways. A lot of employers will pay for health insurance and offer 401k options to their employees; all of you in a sense are independant contractors having to pay for your own health insurance and such. If you are sucessful then it's great, but for bands just starting out do you think that with what record labels make off records that do well that they should offer their artists medical insurance as they do their promotions staff? And no...I'm not selling insurance, just always wondered about that aspect in the eyes of the artists.
jeordie_white> Huh?

pragmatica: Josh: Are the Beatles among your musical influences? I'm continually impressed whenever I listen to their albums even though the songs are now 40 years old.
josh_freese> I'm not really into the Beatles. I understand why they're great but from very early on I sought out music that I knew I wasn't going to hear everytime I left the house, or turned on the TV or got into someone else's car. My Beatles were DEVO and the Replacements.....still are.

leeesa10: Hi - leeesa10 and RobinTMP from Boston. How's Josie adjusting to life on the road? She barely got to see her new home before she went back on tour.
trent_reznor> Sleeping on the couch as I type.

spiral_down89: To Alessandro: Any big future plans for MWM?
a_cortini> Buddyhead dudes say "it's gonna go off"...

rob_sheridian: dude: can you show me how to run the 'hole' webcam thingy? i can never keep that running for long.
rob_sheridan> Blow me.

john_malm_jr: WASSUP??? REMEMBER ME????!?!?!??!?? WHERES MY MONEY?!?!?!?!!
trent_reznor> Step off, Nucca!

dloozer: do any of you guys have iPods, and if so, what are you all listening to currently
a_cortini> right now? in the room? the farts and the ramones.

botleysmith: Aaron, what is the best live DVD ever?
aaron_north> The Who "Live at the Isle of Wight"... i have a bootleg of Black Sabbath in Paris in 1970 that's fucking amazing... and another one of Bad Brains at CBGB's in 1979 that's tits.

crowdream9: which major bands do you think suck the worst?
josh_freese> I could name a few that I don't think suck....if I really tried

Chappu: Trent: The artwork is shifting, the setlist is not so focused on new material, does this mean the With Teeth era is coming to an end?
trent_reznor> Very observant. Gold star.

josh_freese> Today was a gay day
mistressdestruct: What is the one song that you will never play live?
jeordie_white> "The Best of You" by the Foo Fighters

josh_freese> I didn't even have to use my AK!
fuck: What was it like to play Red Rocks Amphitheatre for the first time? Any plans on coming back?
a_cortini> Best venue ever

fuck: Aaron: How do you keep your cabinet working? It certainly doesn't look like it should be working any more.
aaron_north> my tech changes out the broken speakers every night. its really hard to completely destroy a speaker cabinet.

anjellyka98: Jeordie, you seem to be well liked by the Spiral ladies. Anything you'd like to say to us?
jeordie_white> Good Times

rob_sheridan> Okay, time to wrap things up in here. Thanks for participating in the chat everyone!
josh_freese> Diahrea Mustache!
IcingSugarGirl: Anyone: Favorite Cure album?
trent_reznor> 1 head on the door 2 disintegration 3 kiss me

josh_freese> 3 Doors Down!
RezMel: Trent: It seems that every leg of this entire tour you are hit with some sort of problem (ie. imploding drummer; weather; sickness) however the band keeps getting tighter and very friendly with eachother on stage, would you say that these problems have brought the band closer as a unit?
trent_reznor> Not really!

jeordie_white> Thanx guys
trent_reznor> Stay gay.
a_cortini> what band are we talking here?
aaron_north> FUCK A DUCK
a_cortini> hello?
jeordie_white> keep it real
josh_freese> DOn't even use yer AK
a_cortini> is this dimitri?
josh_freese> Racist!
jeordie_white> yeah what he said!
josh_freese> Racist asshole@
josh_freese> Whats wrong w white people?
a_cortini> bumblefoot?
aaron_north> 1,2,3,4 !!!!!
aaron_north> BUBBLE BUTT!!! I LOVE THAT GUY!
josh_freese> 1234 500 degrees Sullys a fucking fag
jeordie_white> it smells of farts in here