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April/Mai 2007


Nine Inch Nails

Acadamy, Glasgow



Autor: Duncan Bryceland






Nine Inch Nails

Academy, Glasgow, 1. März 2007

Seas of dry ice enshroud the stage as Industrial titans Nine Inch Nails appear semi-silhouetted, breaking through the haze as the incendiary ‘Wish‘ combusts band and audience alike with its adrenaline-fuelled pace and blazing riffage. NIN influence is unparalleled, they have popularised Industrial music more than any other artist, they are a band that are revered and still command cult status. Trent Reznor and his post apocalyptic nihilists launch into a full on sonic assault or raw energy creating an intense atmosphere that is utterly unique. Disjointed new number ‘Survivalism‘ pales in comparison to the solidity and sheer ferociousness of ‘Heresy‘; which is utterly sublime, but it‘s the alt-remix rendition of ‘Closer‘ that proves to be time stopping. A fittingly red scorched stage sets the scene as the smouldering sleaze induced grooves slither along, seducing the fans and enticing them to sing “I want to fuck you like an animal“ with uninhibited euphoria.

Reznor and his ever revolving line up deliver an innovative synthesis of passion and fury, with ex-The Icarus Line guitarist Aaron North helping to fuel the latter as he malevolently cranks out chainsaw riffs with unbridled zeal. A surprisingly potent ‘The Hand That Feeds‘ proves to be far more effective live than recorded. Even the omission of the haunting ‘Hurt‘ doesn‘t dampen proceedings, as an immense ‘Head Like A Hole‘ more than compensates. Like a rallying call to the converted, they echo every word with religious fervour as if celebrating the second coming.

Tonight NIN transcended all expectations to prove why they are still Industrial-rocks demigods.