Metal Hammer


Mai 2007


Nine Inch Nails

Brixton Acadamy, London



Autor: Victoria Durham






Savage Messiah


Nine Inch Nails

Brixton Academy, London

No one gives a fuck about Ladytron and their danceable electroclash twaddle right Now. Tonight Trent Reznor and company have returned for an event not interesting because the wait has been typically immense but because scarcely a year has passed since Nine Inch Nails last darkened these shores. And, with their soon-to-be released ‘Year Zero’ album — hot on the heels of 2005‘s‘With Teeth — it’s hard not scratch your head at what a functional band NIN seem like at the moment of course Trent does still have issues to deal with just two days ago he cancelled a show in Birmingham on account of a shredded voice box. But from the moment bassist Jeordie White, drummer Josh Freese, guitarist Aaron North and the man Reznor himself cast ghostly silhouettes through the outrageously dense smoke billowing from the stage it clear that - despite some cracked notes at the opening of ‘Somewhat Damaged‘ - Trent Reznor is buck on form. The atmosphere in the venue is supercharged - not a lyric goes by that so t belted back by the crowd - and then the venues fire alarms go off. It’s annoying but hardly enough to kill the jubilant mood Aaron North throws himself into the inhumanely rammed in crowd like a rag doll only to be spat onto the stage again Trent clutches his mic like its the one thing holding him back from the edge of a breakdown. If there’s a messianic quality to the night, then it because Trent Reznor speaks a universal gospel of disillusionment and unfettered despair Anthems on disaffection like ‘March Of The Pigs’ and ‘Closer’ and waft through the space like a demented sermon conjuring outstretched arms and shouted choruses confirming agreement. Unleashing the insistent beats of new track ‘Survivalism‘ doesn‘t even seem necessary tonight - just the inevitably brilliant ‘Head Like A Hole’ finale und knowing that after nearly 20 years Trent Reznor still has the power to overpower and captivate. [8]