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1. Blog von Real Estalker

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Trent Reznor Heads for the Hills of Beverly


BUYER: Trent Reznor
LOCATION: Summitridge Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
PRICE: $4,187,545
SIZE: 3,981 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Clean lines, light filled rooms exemplify this pristine Architectural with city and canyon views. Dramatic two story living room, superb kitchen/family room. Master bedroom suite has large balcony, new custom pool with sound system. Gated and private–and exceptional residence.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Your Mama has been sitting on this one for several days now, but we've just been too damn bizzy and to get to it. Last week, or was it earlier this week, we cain't remember yesterday so we don't have no damn idea when it was. But anyhoo, Mister Big Time wanted to know which celebrity type person bought a house up on Summitridge Drive in the Beverly Hills Post Office. The answer is Trent Reznor, the sexy-sexy singer for a funny sort of band called the Nine Inch Nails (NIN) which is actually comprised of just one man, our Mister Reznor, who simply puts a band together when he tours but otherwise is a cat that walks alone.

One little tidbit of information about Mister Reznor that Your Mama finds both compelling and disturbing is that back in the mid-1990s he famously leased the Cielo Drive property where the Manson murders occurred, built a private recording studio and dubbed it "Le Pig," which of course was the message that was cruelly scrawled across the front door of the house in Miz Sharon Tate's blood after the gruesome 1969 butchery. Mister Reznor was the last occupant of the property before it was ripped down, given a new street number and replaced with a new and huge mansion built by a hugely successful television producer. It is rumored that Mister Reznor actually took the front door with him when he vacated the premises. How very Marilyn Manson of him.

Given that Mister Reznor is the sole member, songwriter, producer and instrumentalist for NIN, he naturally receives the lion share of the piles of money made from albums and touring gigs. And recently Mister Reznor used some of that money to trade up on his crib.

See puppies, before Mister Reznor paid $4,186,545 for this contemporary style house way up in the Beverly Hills (P.O.), he lived in an uglee little house on Appian Way high in the Hollywood Hills that Mister Big Time also asked about in one of his "Which Celebrity House Was This #19" at the end of November. The inside of Mister Reznor's Appian Way house was tolerable, barely, but outside looked like a damn vinyl sided tract house in suburban Toledo.

Okay, we got things to do today kids, so we're not going to drag this one out much than we already have. Mister Reznor's new digs are wedged into a crazy shaped parcel of land that snakes from Summitridge Drive down to Ferrari Drive in a way that makes no damn sense to Your Mama. But then again, we are not an engineer or an urban planner so what the devil do we know about that sort of thing?

The white stucco house features 3,981 square feet of gated and warmly contemporary space with high ceilings, walls of windows and long views to the east and the west. Listing information for the property indicates that in addition to the two story living room, family room, eat in kitchen and dining room, there are 5 bedroom sand 4.5 bathrooms including a second floor master suite with a sweet terrace overlooking the canyon below.

Out back, along the property line, stretches a lovely and long newly built lap pool for exercising, which is nice in theory, but something Your Mama makes it a point never to do with any regularity. In our mushy gin soaked mind, swimming pools are for taking cooling dips on warm days and not working up a damn sweat.

Alright then. This morning, with the help of our ever present and always helpful pal Lucy Spillerguts, Your Mama cleared up two of Mister Big Time's celebrity real estate mysteries. Now leave us alone until we can get some caffeine running in our blood.




2. Blog von Berg Properties


November 26, 2007

Which celebrity’s house was this? House #19: 8918 Appian Way in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills, which sold in September for $1.65M

Today’s installment of “Which celebrity’s house was this?” involves this two-bedroom, 2,332-square-foot house at 8918 Appian Way in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills, which sold in September for $1,650,000.

Records show that something called the 8918 Appian Way Trust sold the house on September 17. The deal was recorded on October 12. We believe that the seller was a celebrity, because the trust’s trustee is money manager William Harper, who has represented many celebrities over the years, including Sheena Easton, Joel Grey, Kris Kristofferson, and Toni Braxton. The trust had purchased the house in late 2004 for $1,300,000, according to public records.

Built in 1984 and situated on just a 0.15-acre parcel, the house had been listed for $1,749,000. Features in the house include two and a half baths, a den, jetliner views from downtown L.A. to the ocean, a living room with high ceilings, a fireplace, a deck with retractable awnings, a gourmet kitchen with a breakfast bar, a master suite with a fireplace and direct access to a private deck with a spa, and a separate one-bedroom, 1.5-bath guest/income unit with a living room, according to listing information.

Check out a cached version of the listing sheet for the house — complete with photos — here.

The buyer is a talent agent who is not a celebrity.

So, dear readers, does anyone know who the celebrity was who sold this house?


Gerade noch gefunden:

December 17, 2007

Which celebrity’s house is this? House #23: 1663 Summitridge Drive in Beverly Hills, CA, which sold in May for $4.1875M

Today’s edition of “Which celebrity’s house is this?” involves the 3,981-square-foot house at 1663 Summitridge Drive in Beverly Hills, Calif., which sold in May for $4,187,500.

The buyer was something called the Anthony Trust, and the trustee’s name on the deed was William Harper. You may recall that Harper has represented many celebrities (mostly in the music business) over the years, including Sheena Easton, Joel Grey, Kris Kristofferson, Trent Reznor and Toni Braxton. That’s what leads us to believe that the buyer of this Summitridge Drive house was a celebrity.

Built in 1966, the house sits on a fascinating, oddly shaped, 0.57-acre lot, with something like eight sides to it. Originally listed for $4,595,000, the five-bedroom house has four and a half baths, a two-story living room, light-filled rooms, city and canyon views, a master bedroom suite with a large balcony, and a new custom pool with a sound system, according to listing information.

So, dear readers, tell us — does anyone know which celebrity’s house this is?

Oh, and confidential to tlp333: yes, we promise, one of these days — soon — we’ll throw together all of the “Which celebrity’s house is this?” items along with the owners we’ve been able to identify. Stay tuned…..



3. Blog von Adrian Belew


Friday, December 14, 2007

A Tale of Trentsville (part one)

so, lo and behold I boarded me one of them starships, like, set sail for Galleyfornia.
and there I was met at ye inport by a man in a black club car who took me to what looked to be Ngland.
called the Hotel Chamberlain.
"adrian belew
, is it?" the hotel manager said.
oh dear, you don't suppose they've mistaken me for a teabag.
(happens all the time with the name)
turns out it's a good thing, all the other patrons seem Ngl-ish.

it's a very comfy dorm. with a nice bistro. and a good night's rest.
in the morning I'm met by Alan Moulder, producer extraordinaire
and all round gentlemen englishman and scholar.

9:45: bright and cheerful we set off to Trentsville, somewhere in the hills eventually arriving at a modern sculpted white picture window bungalow with a stunning view of the windswept hills overlooking the city of tiny lights.
large wooden electronic gates open toward us.
first to greet me is the master of the house, Master Trent.
and a good bout of chit chat ensues. lovely man.
then I'm shown round the premises, including a breathtaking view
out back of the ocean and the perfect spot for a sunset.
the house is being remodeled with all manner of offal underfoot,
but the charm is undeniable.

the one room finished is naturally the studio.
beautifully done in dark curtains and computer screens.
no windows but the glowing lights of a hundred machines beat like the galaxy.

Master Trent has always kept an ingenue of experts.
first I meet a young american Brett, a man with a mission to please.
then Dustin, tall, and master of all things electronic.
if Dustin is the keeper of the incense.
Atticus (another englishman) is the keeper of the insane.
ingenious twists are his calling.
a computer magic performer, I enjoy watching him work.

StudioTrent is positively swimming in all the latest mechanized ballyhoo
as well as no shortage of vintage keyboards, stomp boxes, and by my count,
no fewer than 9 computer monitors.
there is at this time a small outer room
which warmly accommodates my widgets and the golden fly.
following generous support from Brett and Dustin
my set-up appears to be happy by about 11:00
and the rollicking fun begins.

to be continued...

and so, and be whole...

dropping the faux fab british bit now,

the next 3 days would go this way:
arrive at the studio @ 10 am.
listen in the control room.
...small talk
about a certain track...

place headphones on
stretch out!!!

man, what FUN to play over these tracks! YOW!

once a day two things happen:
alan joins me for a 4-hand guitar freak out!
(alan adding freaky electronic modifiers
to the micro notes I'm wailing...)
I begin a new thought loop
which trent then adds to
and passes back to me to add to.
& so it goes.
pass after pass over track after track.
at 8 at night, it's time for me to leave.
I've been playing ten hours!
trent and crew stay behind to eat
and work deep into the Nght.

brett drives me down the winding snake roads
to Santa Etcetera Boulevard.
back to the Chamberlain.

time for dinner.....



trent's veranda...

can you spot the Coca-Cola in this picture?
it's mine...


Saturday, December 15, 2007

trent's keyboard laboratory...

pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...


Monday, December 17, 2007

A Tale Of Trentsville (part two)

dinner I had alone each night. who says you can't walk in L.A.? I walked to several nice establishments, dined well, and was comfy in my Chamberlain bed by 10:30 each evening.

one of the highlights of each day was the four-handed guitar romp. this happened when alan would join me in the recording room, and like a chef with a tray of diodes and capacitors, he would cook up a fine stew of sound while I wailed away. alan would add in a variety of spicy wild pedals with crazy names* to my guitar set-up and then squeeze their knobs with delight. crazy things erupted from the speakers in what became a kind of performance art piece. some of you may have seen the video trent took of the al and adrian show, but for a true appreciation you would have had to have heard what I was hearing in my headphones. nuts.

on my last day there trent had a surprise. he had ordered in an array of strange ethnic stringed instruments for me to dabble in. it was the first time I had ever even seen a real sarod. but after much wrangling I was able to tune its' primary strings and enough of the sympathetic strings to actually play the beast. and sympathetic is is not. it's a very unforgiving and unwieldy thing even to hold in your lap. eventually I found a few bits which were turned into loops to be tortured later.

all in all, it was an inspiring visit. I hope we do more in the future. speaking of the future, I have no idea what may become of any of this. what I do know, is that I heard incredible music being made and can't wait to hear it again someday. trent is a master of the mysteries of sound (no one makes better sounding records) and with his excellent crew in tow there's no telling what may happen.

thanks again trent, alan, atticus, dustin, and brett.

* like bit mangler and fuz fabrik. studiotrent has an enviable collection of oddball and vintage pedals including many I had never seen before. what a toy store!