Nothing Studios offers the best in analog and digital recording in a non-corporate, musician-friendly environment.

The studio is owned by John Malm and Trent Reznor of the multi Grammy award winning group Nine Inch Nails. "I set out to create a studio that feels comfortable to work in, embraces the latest technology and intertwines it with the familiarity of tried-and-true analog recording techniques providing the ultimate in sonic flexibility," says Reznor.

Record to either 48 track analog Studer 2", or to a giant ProTools HD 3 rig with 128 channels/96 separate outputs. The main recording console is an SSL 4000G 72 input desk configured for either stereo or surround mixing.

Centered on historical Magazine Street, the studio is just minutes away from one-of-a-kind restaurants and shops, the beautiful Garden District, and the infamous French Quarter.

Amenities include a kitchen, gym, shower, laundry facilities, basketball court, vintage arcade, video games, private lounges and office space, public living room area w/satellite TV, DVD, VCR, and TiVO.

Additional amenities include in-house catering, personal fitness trainer, on-site housing and laundry services, by request.



2003 nothing studios.