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Februar 1995


Nail Hole


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Many of you concerned readers may have spent the entire past 30 days or so agonizing over pondering upon, and losing sleep in regards to the strange Scene Missing frame that appeared smack dab in the middle of last month‘s cover story on nine inch nails’ Trent Reznor. You’ve torn page 37 to virtual shreds, trying to peel the unpeelable nuisance off and scan the juicy morsels under it. Well, hey, we sure like to deliver you the goods, but unfortunately, now and again, there comes a time when people‘s personal, private lives take precedence over hype and gossip-mongering. And besides, we didn‘t want a bunch of lawyers calling up and whining and ruining our Christmas vacation.

huH number 5 had all but gone to press (already a week late) when urgent requests were made that we delete the brief paragraphs in which Mr. Reznor discussed the nature of his ill-fated relationship with Hole‘s Courtney Love. The nine inch nails team basically just wanted any bickering to be nipped in the bud. So with all due respect to Mr. Reznor (who was kind enough to grant us a dandy interview) and his publicists and lawyers we eventually agreed to retrieve the article and delete the comments. Whatever. They weren’t that big of a deal anyway to tell you the truth. And, as Mr. Reznor himself said, when questioned about editing his work for MTV: “If nothing else, if you can edit it to there censorship, I think that in itself is a statement.”

Anyhow, the rock-gossip grapevine is always well-coated in Miracle-Gro, so before the issue was even jetted out in the mail, a curious Courtney Love rang our office just to what was up. Pleased that the comments (which, by the way, she to be untrue) were stricken from the record, but concerned that the “Scene Missing“ frame still had negative connotations, she requested that we relay the following sentiment to both Mr. Reznor and you, the reader. In her words: “When it comes to the relationship between me and Trent Reznor, I whole-heartedly agree: Scene Missing. I‘ve been a bad judge of character at times, too. Let‘s all forget it ever happened. And then we’ll all be one big happy, fucking, smiling family.“

Let s all go get some sleep now. No matter who we might (or might not) be sleeping (or have slept) with. Sweet dreams.