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NIN expose their true selves in

unedited live DVD


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Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has revealed that the band’s forthcoming DVD ‘Live: Beside You In Time’ is a document of the band at its most ‘together’.

Reznor and his bandmates, who are preparing to release their forthcoming fifth studio album ‘Year Zero’ on April 16, were out on tour in North America in support of their last album ‘With Teeth’ in 2006, while filming of the live footage took place.

“Towards the end of the two years we were out on the last wave, it really felt like things were gelling,” Reznor admits. “We got Josh Freese in the band, who’s the best drummer I’ve ever worked with, and it really felt like it would be nice to document this in some fashion. And not in a way that relies on flashy camera work and trickery, but basically that makes you feel like you were there.”

Why are you including one disc from the winter tour and one from the summer tour?

“The reason for that is that we thought the winter tour was going to be the big elaborate one – it was arenas, big budget,” he explains. “We filmed it and then for the summer tour, which was outside in amphitheatres, we hat to modify the production because it was outside. We couldn’t take screens because of the wind was blowing and it could rain and all that kind of shit, but it ended up being kind of better! So we decided to film both.

We wanted to make this DVD be about the show – the main feature is cut between two nights but it’s the show,” Reznor adds. “A lot of times people go back and record the audio all over again in the studio, but this is what it was and the band was good enough to pull that off. I’m proud of it.”