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Trent Reznor's Home

The beautiful two story southern traditional on Coliseum St. was spectacular on this crisp December night.(12/11/98) There were white lights on the trees in the inner yard which could barely be seen from the street due to the high, thick- shrubbed fence. A bar and admission table were set up on the opposite ends of the smallish front porch; or maybe the porch just seemed small because of the herd of people being made to wait outside. (we came early)

The part was in honor of the Preservation Resource Center's 25th anniversary and only patron members($500) were invited to purchase tickets($75 per person). This house, re-vamped by Mr. Reznor and his architect Rick Fifeld, had never been opened to (basically) anyone since the renovation and Trent's residency. -also, security checks were done on everyone who attended beforehand.

Upon entering the double galleried home, guests were greeted first by upper members of the PRC, and then his attorney who said those magical words, " and I present to you your host for the evening, Mr. Trent Reznor." Boy was I in shock. I shook his hand, and told him it was both a great honor and pleasure to have finally met him. This took place in front of an enormous Christmas Tree (Douglas Fir maybe 11ft) brightly decorated with colored lights and presents under the tree-very festive! (We didn't think to bring him a present) On the left of the entrance hall was a staircase decked with beautiful lush green garlands. Straight-ahead was the tile-floored kitchen. To the right was a large room with two gallery entrances via the main hall. This large room had two tables set up with appetizers galore across the marble mantelpiece. Black velvet curtains emphasized the 12ft. high ceilings. Rich, dark, Victorian looking wallpaper was used throughout the house, including this room. (Just a little notea very close friend of mine bartended a private party for record execs. At his house a year ago and he swore that the chandelier had a large goldfish bowl with live fish swimming in it. It was not there on this night.)

Back to the main hall, there was a rich wood settee (type of antique couch) and a bureau type table. The most interesting piece was an antique metal nymph-like sculpture beneath the staircase, with a light above it. Past this sculpture you enter a sitting room, where his black grand piano sat with a mic. on a stand next to it. (of course images of Trent playing on it later that night went through my head, but later realized that was not going to happen---too bad eh?" Also, on the white bookshelves in the corner were his Grammies (plural)!

Connecting the kitchen and the sitting room was a small,darkly lit dining room with a rough wood table and pew-like benches at each end.

The kitchen is next, with my favorite part of the house. Proudly displayed on the wall were the originals (I don't know which came first) of some of the artwork from "The Downward Spiral" and the video-"Closure". Very cool to see up close and in person, different textures, wire and maybe hair, with vibrant colors. And the painting from "TDS", if you notice on the back cover I believe, a few white dots, that almost come out as a horizontal line towards the bottom/middle of the picture, are actually human teeth.----Molars to be exact.

and the one in the center was missing.

Part Two (the upstairs)

To get upstairs, you go up a steep staircase on the left wall of the foyer. An oriental runner carpets the dark wooden stairs. At the foot of the stairs was the larger than large Christmas tree placed directly in front of a picture window. When we walked up the stairs, off to the right was a 4-piece string quartet. They played "classical" favorites all night for us. Of course, classical to me would have been something from say, "Pretty Hate Machine"-but beggars can't be choosers.

There is a large upstairs hall that is the center of the upstairs with several rooms radiating from it. If standing at the top of the stairs, to the left is Trent's bedroom. There is a large, dark, wooden four poster bed in the center of the room. A chaise lounge with a black knitted throw over it was directly across from the bed on front of a fireplace. In the corner of the room there was a pillow-like dog bed on the floor that had two "Beanie Babies" lounging on top of it. (One was the Dalmatian pup "Dotty". On the other side of the bed was the entrance to his very cool bathroom.

The main bathroom was decked out entirely in green marble. Mirrors covered the wall above the sink to the right of the entrance. Past the sink was Trent's enormous clear glass shower. There were a few posters on the other wall, and oh..there was a green marble wet bar with a mini-fridge vertically across from the shower. This really takes your typical bathroom experience to the next levela New Orleans level..maybe? Across from the bar was the entrance into the hall.

This main hall, other than having entrances into each room, and a large gold framed Toulouse-Letrec print over a wooden table. Toward the front of the house there was a floor-to- ceiling window which was half-way raised to permit visitors to walk along the porch which went around the front and side of the house. (Dark green wood floors and white banisters) Another balcony faced the backyard, which was accessible only through a doorway at the end of the hall (to the left of the bathroom exit). Some chairs and a rod-iron table were on this balcony, with another bar set up that we frequented quite a bit.(this was a social occasion, right?)

The room at the front of the second floor was a guestroom/parlor with an attached half-bath. There was a dark, wooden, twin sized sleigh bed against the wall. Above the bed was a scythe, which many people thought was real, when in fact it was made of glass with a wooden handle and done by a local artist. I found out a few days later that a friend of mine's mom freaked out and left the party after having seen the scythe!

This was the room where the Flamenco dancers Trent had hired to perform for us got dressed. There brightly colored clothes and their suitcases were strewn across the room. I spoke to them for a while and was trying to figure out what connection they had to Trent but they did not speak much English and as far as I could tell were just hired for the evening by him. Later in the night they performed a dance outside in the backyard by his pool. Very cool! There was a small bathroom with a white marble floor. In it was a white robe from some La Vegas casino with the name "Trent" in cursive embroidered on it in green hanging from a hook on the door.

In closing, I just wanted to let you know my reasons for posting this information. Living in New Orleans and being a huge fan of Nine Inch Nails is difficult. It seems as though everyone I know here has either bumped into or met Trent Reznor. Many of my friends have actually gone into his studio.(I hear he has a floor dedicated to old stand-up video games). I mean, a kid I grew up with lives right next door to him. Talk about drive you nuts, I have been trying to meet him for two years now. I have to pass the studio maybe three or four times a day, and see activity there all the time. One day we saw Trent and a bunch of his friends gearing up for what looked like a camping trip. It drives me nuts because we (my friends) should be on that trip. (In our minds anyway!) I think you get my point, though, which is that it is very much in our faces that Trent lives here.

So when the opportunity arose to be able to meet Trent at his home, of course I jumped on it. People can say what they want about the amount of money it cost for me to be able to do so, but to hell with them. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Anyway, I wrote this so that some of you, who don't live here, might be able to feel a little closer (no pun intended) to the man himself. I am just trying to share with you one of the most memorable nights of my life. I hope you all enjoy.