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Year Zero - Rezensionen

Rock Hard, April 2007


Kerrang, April 2007


Alternative, April/Mai 2007


New Musical Express, April 2007


Musik Express, Mai 2007


Metal Hammer, Mai 2007


Zillo, Mai 2007


Mbeat, Mai 2007


Eclipsed, Juni 2007


Metal Hammer, Juni 2007


Rolling Stone, Juni 2007


Zillo, Juni 2007






This record is much more of a "sound collage" than recent efforts from me.
A lot of it was improvised.
It is very tedious describing your own music.
It's not just music.
It's probably too long, but it felt like the right thing to do to paint the complete picture.
It will sound different after a few listens.
You can think about it and it will reveal more than you were expecting.
You can dance to a lot of it.
You can fuck to a lot of it (maybe all of it depending on what you're into).